Local Nets

HF & VHF Nets


HF & VHF Nets in Western Canada 

Net Description Frequency When Time
Sask. Provincial net 3.735 Daily 1:00 UTC
Alberta Provincial net 3.700 Daily 1:30 UTC
Manitoba Provincial net 3.760 Daily 1:00 UTC
British Columbia Provincial net 3.729 Daily 1:30 UTC
The Aurora net 7.055 Daily 23:30 & 2:30 UTC
Sask. Link net on VE5YQR 147.120+ (9300) Mon-Fri 3:00 UTC
IRLP Swap net on VE5YQR 147.120+ (9302) Sat 2:30 UTC
Eyebrow Public Service net 147.360+ Daily 2:30 UTC
Saskatoon Local net 146.640- Daily 2:00 UTC
Moose Jaw ARC 146.940- Daily 3:00 UTC
Saskatchewan ARES 3.753 Sunday 1430 UTC
Saskatchewan Weather Net 3.753 Daily 1400 UTC
Trans Canada Net 14.140 Sat/Sun 1800 UTC

Note: Some net times vary relative to daylight savings time.

We are in the process of updating the HF and VHF Nets listed. 

The information above MAY NOT be current. 

If you have any updates on these nets please contact the RARA at

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(9999) is a IRLP test node that will play your audio back to you.



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